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The vineyards of the estate cover a total of 15 hectares of land at an average altitude of 4200 feet and are mainly located on the slopes of Madari mountain. Due to the morphology of the location, the vineyards consist of small pieces of land, spread throughout the mountain. This means that they also expand outside the village of Chandria; we can find vineyards of the estate in the villages of Kyperounta, Chandria, Lagoudera, and Saranti.

The composition of the vineyards is particularly interesting and plays a key role in the production of our wines. In total, the vineyard is comprised of 60% local varieties and 40% international grape varieties. This results in diversity in production and the possibility of creating wines that are different in style and character, either in varietal identity or as a result of mixtures.

At the estate, we grow the local red Mavro and Maratheftiko varieties, and the white Xynisteri variety. All vineyards where we grow these varieties are on extremely high altitudes, with steep slopes, and grow without any irrigation, trained in the traditional goblet form. These are old vines, with an average age of 70 years, which have a limited production of grapes. Beyond the local varieties, we also grow and use some international varieties in our wines: Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Mourvèdre, Pinot Noir as far as red varieties go, as well as the white Sauvignon Blanc variety. The selection of these varieties was intentional, in order to fully utilize the varietal advantages offered by the microclimate of the mountain. These are modern vineyards, trained in trellis and cultivated in accordance with international cultivation standards for each variety.

The region where our vineyards are located is particularly interesting in regard to viniculture. Thanks to the high altitude, the climate, and soil work together, favoring the production of varietally excellent grapes with certain special traits, an element that is prominently featured in the wines of Ekfraseis Winery. The characteristics of the Madari peak make for an excellent environment: the mild temperatures during the summer months which prolong the growth cycle and position the harvesting period in autumn when the grapes mature in cooler temperatures; the dramatic change of temperature from day to night which favors the development of aromas and preservation of natural acidity; heavy rainfall during the winter and intense sunlight from spring to autumn; poor rocky soil which helps maintain the production of each vine low, in its turn giving a richer, more concentrated fruit; intense slopes which help drain the soil, hence leading to a more balanced development of the vines. These traits, and many more, make our vines special and dynamic, and place them among the most special vineyards internationally, allowing us to harvest grapes that are suitable to produce our special wines.

At the estate, we pay special attention to the vinification process, since our vineyards are the foundations of our philosophy. We aim to maintain the existing varieties, continuing to upgrade their quality, and install new vineyards, suitable for producing our wines. We research and practice continuously and grow our vines with dedication and love.

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