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Σε κάθε περίπτωση η εξέλιξη είναι το ζητ

Christos Vassiliades is the owner and winemaker of Ekfraseis Winery at Chandria village in Limassol. After being awarded a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and relative diplomas from universities specialized in winemaking in Greece and the USA, he established the winery in Cyprus. This was in 2013- the year he also started to be active in the local winemaking scene.

Beyond the actual vinification process, Christos Vassiliades has also planted vineyards in the general region of Madari mountain, and is still responsible for their cultivation, while the grapes from these vineyards are the only source of raw material for the winery’s wines.

Christos’s philosophy is to take maximum advantage of the particular characteristics of the region where the vineyards are located, in order to produce wines with an intense representation of the terroir. He also wants his wines to be characterized by refinement, finesse, and balance- achieving it through the knowledge, extreme care, and patience he showcases in all production stages. He produces wines based on classic practices in order to maintain the prestige of tradition, while he also uses modern practices of the art of viticulture and vinification, managing to maintain a perfect balance between the past, present, and future.

Another element he uses to seal his creations is a minimalistic approach applied to every aspect of the winemaking. This results in a minimal human intervention during production stages, and also a simple approach in regard to showcasing the product, allowing quality and cohesion to “speak” first. Christos’s range is composed of innovative, mainly varietal wines, and through each of them, one can detect the wine maker’s personal passion.

His wines have been repeatedly presented with awards in local and international wine competitions, they are settled in wine aficionados’ minds, and can be recognized by their quality and peculiar style.

Christos Vassiliades promises to keep creating with the same passion, style, and innovative mood so that each next yield becomes more fascinating and evokes new emotions.

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