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Madari Hills Collection Δέλεαρ




Pinot Noir is possibly the most special grape variety across the wine world map. It’s difficult and demanding as a variety as well as in its vinification process. It thrives in mainly cold climates and needs painful cultivation practices, while it also presents special vinification needs in order to offer quality results. Having the above in mind, we cultivate the variety in the ecosystem of Madari, hoping to offer the variety what it demands in return for a good, high-quality harvest. At its best, the variety is characterized by elegance, special aromas, and fine character. Our mesoclimate as well as our dedication to the target, which is to showcase our variety, provide us with the tools to bottle quality varietal wines.



Location: Madari mountain, south slopes


Average Altitude: 1340 m


Average Plant Age: 6 years


Training: Unilateral Guyot 


Yield: 1000-1200 Kg/acre


Seductive wild cherry aromas, crystal berry notes, soft, barely noticeable tannins, light texture, intense acidity, and aftertaste.


Serving Recommendations

Pairs with herby, roasted pork, veal with caramelized onions, risotto, mushroom sauce dishes, roasted salmon and tuna, truffle, soft cheeses, and spicy cold cuts.


Best served at 12-14 ºC

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