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Late Harvest Series Ηώ

Late Harvest Series Ηώ



The island is ideal for the production of sweet wines. Increased sunlight, high temperatures, dry climate and the overall effects of the Mediterranean climate contribute to the cultivation of grapes for this purpose. Io is a special innovation of the winery which is the result of the wide range of possibilities offered by the position of the vines of the Xynisteri variety where the grapes come from, on the Madari mountain. Grapes are left for an extended period on the plant (until the beginning of December) in order to become over-mature slowly under mild circumstances while developing a noble rot which offers the characteristic bouquet and aromatic distinctiveness to Io. Harvest follows when we select the grapes which have developed some traits (over-mature, noble rot). The vinification processes take place during the winter months when a remarkably slow fermentation leads to a rich, sweet wine, of beautiful complexity and aromatic intension with a unique texture. The uniqueness of Io is a result of the extremely rare conditions found at a single vineyard where the grapes come from. This vineyard is situated at an altitude of 1500 m, facing south, with an unusually small production which is the result of the granular soil and its structure which is mainly rocky, as well as of the old age of the vines. The above, combined with the vineyard’s capacity to develop and spread a noble rot to the biggest part of the grapes during the latest part of its maturity, provide the opportunity to direct the annual production of the vineyard toward harvesting grapes with the traits demanded the production of overly mature, noble rot grapes. We aim to secure the already sensitive character of the grape through careful practices, providing aid especially during the final stages, so that it develops according to our demands and gets the necessary uniformity. The extremely limited production of grapes doesn’t allow for mistakes and oversights.



Location: Madari mountain, Kaminia site


Average Altitude: 1550 m


Average Plant Age: 80 years


Training: Goblet


Yield: 200-320 Kg/acre


Seductive nose, make, and complexity. Apricot, honey, orange notes, tastes of delicious, spicy peach and bergamot jams. An aftertaste which together with the wine’s special acidity, is unforgettable.

Serving Recommendations

Pairs excellently with soft cheeses, blue cheese, and foie gras. Lemon tarts, cheesecakes, and apple pies served with ice cream will bring out its full potential. It also pairs with all kinds of spoon sweets and dried fruit.


Best served at 6-8 ºC.

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