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Madari Hills Collection Ραψωδία

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Through Rapsodia, we try to showcase the peculiarity and dynamic of the main local variety Ntopio Mavro. The concentration and intensity of aromas in the varietal fruit, which is cultivated at high altitude vineyards and steep slopes, are elements that create the requirements for the production of red wine with an intense, aromatic profile, nerve, and character. Although the Ntopio Mavro variety presents a high production of fruit all around the island, at the slopes of Madari, where our vineyards are situated, this is an absent characteristic. Hence, the low production potential of the plants results in fruit with a high concentration of all varietal characteristics. Having to work with rather old vineyards, exposed to the weather, diseases, and high care demands, we strive to guide our plants to produce quality fruit, always favoring quality instead of quantity. We aim to receive the necessary concentration in the wines we produce from this variety.



Location: Madari mountain, south and north slopes (Mouskou, Grammata, Yerolatzia, Aloupofournos, Aniforon sites)


Average Altitude: 1300 m


Average Plant Age: 70 years


Training: Goblet


Yield: 1200-1400 Kg/acre


Vivid flower aromas, framed with berry and cherry flavors, and a light touch of caramelized violet in its long finish. Characteristic acidity and light body.


Serving Recommendations

Pairs with roasted chicken, veal or pork burgers, pork fillet with barbecue sauces, Cypriot roast dishes, mushroom sauces, and rich spaghetti.


Best served at 12-14 ºC

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