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Madari Hills Collection Αμήτωρ

Madari Hills Collection Αμήτωρ.jpg



This wine results from the coexistence of three great grape varieties, Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. In 2013 in Madari, we planted three separate plots, one for each of the above varietals. The criteria by which we chose the planting areas were based purely on the varietals' characteristics and the site's compatibility. The goal, from the beginning, was not simply to create balanced, worthy wines but a unique wine that could merge all aspects of the character of each variety into a single blend. Effortlessly, without interventions, and with timeless consistency. After all, these are the main characteristics of all tremendous world-class "terroirs."



Location:  Madari mountain, East slopes (Kakokefalos, Nekitos & Vasiliki sites)


Average Altitude: 1320 m


Average Plant Age: 9 years


Training: Vertical Shoot Positioning & Goblet 


Yield: 800-1000 Kg/acre


Complexity and depth.A wine dominated by aromas of red fruits and spices. Hints of vanilla and smoke complete its velvety body.


Serving Recommendations

Pairs with mature cheeses, juicy steaks, and dishes where the earthy elements stand out. 

Best served at 15-18 ºC

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