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Madari Hills Collection Εδέμ

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The excellent adaptation of the variety Sauvignon Blanc to the low temperatures of the Madari region and its unproductive, dry soil leads to the high-quality production of the plant and the expression of the varietal character. We have adopted international cultivation practices to the particularities of the ecosystem to showcase a combination of varietal dynamic and the potential of the microclimate. The fruit reaches perfect maturity while maintaining all varietal parameters which lead to its successful vinification. Harvesting is split into two phases of technological maturing: an early and a late stage, which are completed toward the middle of September. We aim to add a larger complexity and intense aroma to the wine while maintaining the distinctive, varietal acidity. We take the varietal characteristics into consideration and combine them with a light, limited duration maturity of part of the wine in oak barrels.


Location: Madari mountain, north slopes, Aloupofournos site


Average Altitude: 1300 m


Average Vine Age: 10 years


Training: Vertical Shoot Positioning 


Yield: 1200 Kg/acre


Variety: Sauvignon Blanc 

Rich, balanced profile, with a special concentration and depth. Tropical fruit aromas, botanical notes, and a fresh acidity framed by a mineral aftertaste.


Serving Recommendations

Pairs with mild fish, shellfish, white meats, white sauces and mushroom sauces, pesto, delicious herby vegetables, goat cheese.


Best served at 10-12 ºC

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