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Madari Hills Collection Όναρ

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For us, Onar is an intense expression of a rich red wine made of fruit from high altitude vineyards. The Cabernet Franc variety, adjusted greatly to the mesoclimate and in combination with diligent vinification processes, brings wines with depth, aromatic intensity, and maturity potentials in the bottle. Maturity is prolonged to late autumn when harvest takes place. Following careful extractions and slow fermentation processes, the wine is moved to French oak barrels to mature for 12 months. Bottling takes place, and the wine stays in our cellars for some months for it to develop the characteristic varietal bouquet. The variety’s needs are in sync with the ecosystem which makes viniculture fascinating. The herbaceous character of the variety declines through the appropriate practices, while the phenolic index potential matures sufficiently and the acidity remains at high levels, taking advantage of the cool autumnal evenings. The poor, dry soils secure the necessary concentration, and the vineyard’s exposure contributes to the maximum in creating wines with the right ABV, aromatic intensity, and body.



Location:  Madari mountain, south-eastern slopes (Kavatzi site)


Average Altitude: 1250 m


Average Plant Age: 7 years


Training: Vertical Shoot Positioning 


Yield: 1600-1800 Kg/acre


Herbaceous aromas framed by black fruit. Vanilla, tobacco, and peppery notes. Rich, deep, and decadent. Delicate acidity, rich texture, and long finish.


Serving Recommendations

Pairs with all types of red meats, hard, aged cheeses with fatty or spicy tastes, game, and smoked dishes.

Best served at 15-18 ºC

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