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Madari Hills Collection Όχθη

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The two local varieties of the island, Ntopio Mavro and Xynisteri work together in the production of this wine. Όχθη is a dessert wine based on the model of ancient Cypriot traditional vinification for the production of the famous Koumandaria. The grapes come from a vineyard where both varieties have coexisted for decades. Once the fruit is overly mature, they are harvested and let for prolonged dehydration under the sun in special drying racks. They are then transported to the winery where the percentage of participation of each variety in the co-fermentation tank is determined. The sweet wine which results from the vinification processes is placed in oak barrels where it matures for a specific period before the final mixing tests which aim to the best possible taste result. The vineyard where the fruit is harvested is located at the sides of a tributary of Limnatis river. The vineyard has a characteristic incline, the soil drains well despite it being close to water sources and is excellently exposed to the sun. We try to maintain a balance for the plants through our annual interventions, in order to avoid folate concentrations and large fruit production.



Location: Mount Madari, Muskou area


Average Altitude: 1200 meters


Average Plant Age: 60 years


Training: Goblet


Yield: 800 - 1000 Kg /


Overly mature nose of walnut, bitter chocolate, plum, and burned quince jelly. Rich mouth, oily with a well-incorporated sweetness, good acidity, and long, aromatic, chocolate length.

Serving Recommendations

Pairs with foie gras, and cheeses with rich tastes. Also, raw nuts, dry fruit, spoon sweets, and syrupy desserts. Rich creams can also showcase their profile.


Best served at 6-8 ºC

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