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Ekfraseis Winery Tasting Facilities

Plan your visit and come to taste our wines...

Summer and our holidays are offered for excursions in the mountain villages of our island. There is a lot to see and do while enjoying the beautiful mountain landscape as well as the special character of many areas of Troodos.

Ekfraseis Winery in Chandria can be a complete destination for those who want to combine their short or one-day getaway with good wine and special local flavors.

Through the packages, we offer you have the opportunity to taste our wines, to enjoy the nature and the beauty of our vineyards from the specially designed tasting area, to meet the people behind the cultivation of the vines and the production of the wines, to chat with them and taste surprising combinations that will guide you and teach you about your daily and not only your wine choices.

Our guests are a priority for us and we place special emphasis on their hospitality. With professionalism, in the time they dedicate to us, we are always consistently caring and we try to convey as much as possible our passion for wine, its creation, and consumption.

We offer experiences, tailored and designed for everyone. For a simple walk and tasting of our wines, for learning and enriching knowledge about wine, for exploring the world of wine combinations with various local and not only flavors, for a more in-depth approach to the route from the vineyard to the wine.

You can visit and with your company, select and book the package you are interested in either online or by contacting us at or at 25 211604.

Happy Holidays and we will be happy to meet you and taste some glasses of fine wine together.

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